Hot Spring

"Last Hidden Hot Spring in Kanto Area" Surrounded by Mysterious Forest

The in-house hot spring source of Hatcho-no-Yu is 100% natural
flowing from a hot spring source.
The quality of the hot spring,
where sinter deposits just gushed forth from the earth are dancing around,
has been fascinating many funs.

Our proud hot spring is the never-reheated self-flowing high-temperature hot spring
(neutral hypotonic high-temperature hot spring).
As the stimulus and the burden on the body are light,
the hot srping water mildly sinks into your skin.

Enjoy the three mixed baths
including "Yukimi-no-Yu" (Bath of Snow Viewing),
which was built at the inauguration time on 1929,
"Takimi-no-Yu" (Bath of Waterfall Viewing),
and "Shakunage-no-Yu" (Bath of Rhododendron),
as well as an outdoor bath of waterfall-viewing (women only),
where you can enjoy the dynamic scenery while viewing a waterfall.

The highest-quality hot spring experiences
surrounded by the sound of nature and the fragrances of seasons
are the best "O-mo-te-na-shi" (hospitality) of Hatcho-no-Yu.

One-Day Hot Spring Bath Plans

One-Day Hot Spring Bathing only. Please feel free to come by.

Fee - Adult (junior high-schooler or above) : 800 yen      * Including tax
Fee - Child (elementary schooler) : 500 yen      * Including tax

Open Hours : 9:00 - 15:00      Not available on closed days.

* Advance reservation is required.
Resting Pack Package of "One-Day Hot Spring" plus a round-trip shuttle bus, a lunch, and a towel.

Shuttle Bus - Outward : Departs from Meotobuchi at 9:30 or 10:00
Shuttle Bus - Return : Departs from Hatcho-no-Yu at 14:30

Fee - Adult (junior high-schooler or above) : 3,500 yen      * Including tax
Fee - Child (elementary schooler) : 3,200 yen      * Including tax

Not available on closed days, Saturdays, days before holiday,
  and days during peak period (4/27..5/6, 8/9..14, 12/29..1/3).

* Advance reservation is required.
  Please make your reservation via phone by the day before your visit.

"Yukimi-no-Yu" (Bath of Snow Viewing) (Mixed Bath)

Outdoor bath built at the inauguration time on 1929.
During the winter period, the hot water is poured into this bath in prior to "Takimi-no-Yu".
Please warm your body here first.

"Takimi-no-Yu" (Bath of Waterfall Viewing) (Mixed Bath)

Please enjoy the dynamic scenery while watching a waterwall at the front.

"Shakunage-no-Yu" (Bath of Rhododendron) (Mixed Bath)

Outdoor bath with the best scenic view located just beside the waterfall.
A stone craftman created the bathtab with full of emotions around the year 1965,

Waterfall-Viewing Outdoor Bath (Women Only)

Outdoor bath for women only to enjoy waterfall viewing.

Indoor Bath (Women Only)

Indoor bath for women only. Built around 1972 when construction materials finally became transportable by cars.

Indoor Bath (Men Only)

Indoor bath for men only. The oldest bathtub that exist here.

Quality/Effect of Spring

Spring Quality [[ Neutral Hypotonic High-Temperature Hot Spring ]]
Because it is neutral, this hot spring water is mild and and not stimulating.
Because it is hypotonic, the burden on your body is light.
Heating / Filtering Because it is a high-temperature spring, the water is not reheated by boiler, etc.
Because it is not filtered, you can enjoy sinter deposits just gushed forth from the earth.
Environment The outstanding natural environment surrounded by a forest of beech and nullah trees.
We have been continuing the efforts to protect the environment around the spring source from long time ago by, for an example, using fallen trees as firewood, etc.,