Attractions and How To Enjoy This Inn

Enjoy Four Seasons of Beautiful Oku-Kinu

You can enjoy hiking right away from Hatcho-no-Yu.
You are awaited by special experiences that you can never enjoy in cities
such as the magnificent nature and seasonally transfiguring trees,
the ice-waterfall, a monument of ice created by nature,
and the marshes in the sky at an altitude of 2,000 meters, etc.

The headwaters of the Kinugawa River, which runs right next to the hotel, is home to king of mountain streams, Iwana trout and Yamame trout, which attracts many fishing enthusiasts

And we can offer you a suggestion for how to spend your time in the museum, surrounded by the serenity of nature.

. We hope you enjoy your stay in this unexplored region.

Recommended Hiking Courses

  • From Meotobuchi Free Parking To Hatcho-no-Yu

    Time Required : Approx. 1 hour 30 minutes

    A hiking course for beginners. Enjoy the forest bathing while viewing the headwater of Kinugawa river.
    Although there are no physically demanding spots in this course such as long steep slope, etc., please wear a pair of good shoes suited for hiking or mountaineering. Also, please don't forget to prepare for sudden unexpected change of the climate.
    You can enjoy fresh greenery, autumn leaves, ice waterfalls (frozen waterfalls) and seasonal scenery. It is beyond words when you indulge the happiness of soaking your tired body in the bathtub after finally arriving Hatcho-no-Yu.

    You can download a hiking map here.


  • Oku-Kinu Beech Tree Hiking

    Time required: approximately 2 hours

    Hatcho-no-yu organizes trekking tours that take you to the beech plains, where huge beech trees stand in a row, mainly on weekends from spring to autumn.
    A hiking guide with an extensive knowledge of the nature of Okukinu will guide you through the ecology of the plants and animals living in the virgin forest.
    It is a slow pace, so don't worry about it. Rentals are available for beginners who are not used to the mountains.
    We will give you a gentle and careful lecture on how to walk on the mountain trails without getting tired and how to use poles.
    Let's enjoy hiking in the beech flats in the 200 year old virgin forest in the mountains of Okukinu together.

    For more information on the dates, please click here.


  • Snow hiking through the mysterious ice falls of Okukinu

    Time required: approximately 2 hours

    The Okukinu Hot Springs Village is surrounded by silvery white scenery from early December until early spring. Hatchonoyu offers a snow hiking tour around an ice waterfall on weekends.
    Of course the snow is one of the attractions, but one of the attractions is that you can see a huge ice-fall in about an hour's hike.
    Our hiking guides will guide you through small nature discoveries that you might have missed, animal tracks, snow and trees, and provide extensive nature commentary.
    Walking is safe and secure, even for those who are not confident in their strength. We will give you a detailed lecture on how to walk and what equipment to wear for the first time. Would you like to experience the magnificent scenery of nature?

    For more information on the dates, please click here.


  • From Hatcho-no-Yu To Kinu-Numa Marsh

    Time Required : Approx. 2 hours 30 minutes

    It is recommended to allocate approx. 6..7 hours.
    Under this scheduling, you can enjoy enough breaks along the way as well as some walking at Kinu-Numa.
    Kinu-Gawa Marsh is located at 2,039 meters above sea level and regard as the best high plateau wetland in Japan. The virgin forest you see just before arriving the marsh may let you sense the reverence for the nature.
    We are sure you will be satisfied with the sense of refreshment, although this hiking course is somewhat physically demanding, as there are long steep slopes along the way, the height difference is approx. 600 meters, and the distance of one way is approx. 6 kilometers.

    You can download a hiking map here.

    Recommended Fishing Spots

  • [For advanced users] Kinugawa Headwaters (Nyobuchi - Hatcho no Yu - Nikko)

    Approximately 0 to 30 minutes from the hotel

    In the mainstream of the Kinugawa River, which flows in front of Hatcho no Yu, there is a point where you can fish for "Iwana" trout and "Yamame" trout. In addition to bait fishing (mangrove fishing), fly fishing and tenkara fishing are available for intermediate to advanced anglers.
    The fishing season is from April to September.
    Please note that the fishing season is from April to September.


  • [Family - Advanced]Otaki Fishing PondApproximately one hour from the hotel.l

    "Otaki" is located on the outskirts of the village of Dorobe in the Kuriyama area, a tributary of the Kinu River, and has been farming trout such as Yashio trout, "Iwana" trout, "Yamame" trout and rainbow trout for more than 40 years using the clear waters of the Torobe River, a tributary of the Kinu River. In particular, "Nikko Red Trout", which is an improved version of the rainbow trout, has an established reputation as a brand name trout that is in demand from many famous restaurants in Tokyo. There are 4 fishing ponds for large, medium, small and family-sized fish, where families, beginners and even advanced lure and fly-fishing experts can enjoy fishing in the beautiful nature. Of course, you can cook and eat the fish you catch. You can also enjoy soba noodles made with delicious water from the headwaters and fish dishes such as Nikko red trout, and tempura of wild vegetables with seasonal ingredients at the restaurant.

    ※See here for more information.


  • [Family - Advanced]Ipponsugi Mountain Stream fish Center

    Approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes from the hotel

    The Mountain Stream fish Center is located in the middle of Prefectural Road 245, which leads from Hatchonoyu to Imaichi via Ozasa Farm. This is a managed fishing area that utilizes the natural mountain stream of the Kohyakugawa River, which is part of the Kinugawa River system, where rainbow trout, "Iwana" trout, "Yamame trout" are farmed and released. There is a fishing pond on a tributary stream for families and beginners (hourly basis) and mountain stream fishing on the main stream of the Ohyak River for experienced anglers (one day), where you can target the fish released into the stream in a section separated by rocks. Younger children can also enjoy the experience of catching fish. You can also rent rods and traps, and bait is available for sale, so feel free to come by empty-handed. You can grill the fish you catch over a charcoal fire and eat it.

    ※See here for more information.

    Indoor Events

  • Hatchonoyu original tenugui towel lecture

    Haccho no Yu regularly uses original hand towels that can be used for bathing
    within the rest house after dinner.

    At the shop, you can buy original tenugui cloths in five different colors.

    They are also available at the shop.

    Welcome to the shop.

  • Hot×Art×Project "Reading Session"

    "Hot×Art×Project" started with the idea of "warming your body in the hot springs of Hatcho and then warming your heart with art.

    In this reading session, the staff of the museum, who are also active as writers, will present a unique story that can only be heard in this reading session.

    After dinner on a specific day, the event is held in the lounge in the rest house for about 30 minutes.

    A reading session held quietly deep in the mountains at an altitude of 1,300 meters. The beautiful stories and the color of the voices will soothe you.