Attractions and How To Enjoy This Inn

Enjoy Four Seasons of Beautiful Oku-Kinu

You can enjoy hiking right away from Hatcho-no-Yu.
You are awaited by special experiences that you can never enjoy in cities
such as the magnificent nature and seasonally transfiguring trees, etc.

Recommended Hiking Courses


    From Meotobuchi Free Parking To Hatcho-no-Yu

    Time Required : Approx. 1 hour 30 minutes

    A hiking course for beginners. Enjoy the forest bathing while viewing the headwater of Kinugawa river.
    Although there are no physically demanding spots in this course such as long steep slope, etc., please wear a pair of good shoes suited for hiking or mountaineering. Also, please don't forget to prepare for sudden unexpected change of the climate.
    It is beyond words when you indulge the happiness of soaking your tired body in the bathtub after finally arriving Hatcho-no-Yu.


    From Hatcho-no-Yu To Kinu-Numa Marsh

    Time Required : Approx. 2 hours 30 minutes

    It is recommended to allocate approx. 6..7 hours.
    Under this scheduling, you can enjoy enough breaks along the way as well as some walking at Kinu-Numa.
    Kinu-Gawa Marsh is located at 2,039 meters above sea level and regard as the best high plateau wetland in Japan. The virgin forest you see just before arriving the marsh may let you sense the reverence for the nature.
    We are sure you will be satisfied with the sense of refreshment, although this hiking course is somewhat physically demanding, as there are long steep slopes along the way, the height difference is approx. 600 meters, and the distance of one way is approx. 6 kilometers.

    Fishing Spot


    Headwater of Kinu-Gawa River

    Time Required : Approx. 2 hours 30 minutes

    Along the headwater of Kinu-gawa river, there is a fishing spot where you can catch Iwana (mountain trout) and Yamame (cherry trout).
    Fishing activities are allowed there during April thru September.

    Hot×Art×Project『Public Reading』

    "We want to warm not only your body, but also your heart with Onsen and art"

    This project was started from that concept. 

    Even if you can not understand Japanese well,

    you can enojoy and feel traditonal japanese atmosphere in this public reading.

    Schedule is Here